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A relationship with 1867 Private Wealth Management is a blend of distinction, commitment, and integrity. Located in scenic Kelowna, B.C., 1867 Private Wealth Management is an upscale boutique independent financial advisory group within Raymond James Ltd., integrating elite services with a world-class investment firm in a private office setting.

Combining a broad range of expertise and over 80 years of industry experience, we focus exclusively on taking exemplary care to design investment portfolios that ensure the financial well-being of our clients and leverage the vast worldwide resources of Raymond James to develop specialized wealth and investment strategies.

Selecting an investment advisory team is one of the most important decisions you can make. 1867 Private Wealth Management concentrates on creating value for our clients by delivering superb advice and exceptional service, always with our clients’ best interests in mind. We work closely with wealthy individuals and families, successful business owners, executives, professionals and retirees. 1867 Private Wealth Management is uniquely positioned to benefit estates, trusts, private holding companies and charitable foundations.

We invest money for clients who have wealth they want to protect and grow without taking on undue risk. We listen to our clients closely while they articulate their needs, goals and life priorities. We are your trusted partner to help you develop innovative, holistic wealth and investment strategies tailored to your needs. Innovation requires knowledge, ingenuity and, above all else, focus. This is the foundation of our practice.