Solar in Kamloops Hits the Sweet Spot


Solar Panels

There is an interesting new development in Kamloops. Dr. Michael Mehta is helping local individuals utilize the power of solar energy. Michael has over 20 years of experience in energy, he has been the director of several large utility companies including Saskpower. He is also a professor at Thompson Rivers University; he teaches various courses on renewable energy. Dr. Mehta focused most of his efforts on solar energy just four years ago with Sweet Spot, and he is doing exceedingly well. He aspires to go national with the company.

Sweet Spot Solar has been doing a lot of new and innovative things but what seems to be most impressive thus far is the Solar sidewalk that was just recently installed at TRU. This is the first of its kind in North America. The panels are slip resistant, can be salted or shoveled and can handle foot and light vehicle traffic. The panels can generate 9700 Kilowatt hours of electricity, enough to run 40 computers in a building on campus for 8 hours a day! The company also specializes in solar roofs and various other things.

This all sounds great but you’re probably thinking that it must cost a fortune to get all of this equipment, Dr. Mehta created this company so that INDIVDUALS could utilize the technology and benefit from it environmentally and financially. The website (which is linked below) provides some information on potential costs, ROI and detailed charts that show payback on savings and break even points. This is such a short write up on such a cool company. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Sweet Spot Solar.