1867 Wants To Change Your Relationship Status


You were going to take over the world when it all started, but now you’re lucky if you even have a four-minute conversation once a month. You’ve tried everything you can to get on the same page but they are keeping things from you. You’re falling by the wayside and you feel that you’ve lost your connection all together. You deserve better……. from your advisor.

Now that’s an interesting start to a isn’t it? Whether people like to admit it or not a relationship with your advisor is a lot like a marriage. Communication and transparency is essential. You have to be on the same page. Dishonesty can be a disaster and keeping the peace is critical. Starting to sound familiar? Your spouse is in charge of a certain portion of your livelihood and so are we. We realize the importance of communication; we realize that we need to take the time to cater to our client’s needs. We are going to tell you our big four rules when it comes to taking care of our clients.

  1. Respecting your time

As we stated in our previous post we respect your time. We understand the importance of having an agenda that is easy to understand. When we have planned ahead and prepared for the meeting our chances of using your time effectively and efficiently rise exponentially. This is in no way shape or form an effort to get you out the door as soon as possible. We want to build rapport and talk about a plan of attack, but we don’t want to take up any more or your precious time then necessary.

  1. What are you looking for? What are your needs?

We would like to sit down and get to know you through a few open-ended questions. Remember even though we respect your time, this is like a relationship and we are not going to get very far if we don’t know anything about you while overwhelming you with the latest financial jargon. A successful relationship happens when one can effectively and objectively listen and then respond correctly to what the other person is saying. If we rush this conversation without correctly assessing who you are, we run the risk of making moves you could get uncomfortable with. So this part of the process is so important when doing business. We invest the correct amount of time here.

  1. Keeping you informed

We don’t forget about you. We want to keep you up to speed as you see fit. We are managing your livelihood, so communication will never be a problem. We strive to operate with transparency, integrity and honesty in all that we do. We respect you and are grateful to have your business.

  1. Maintaining Trust

We understand the importance of creating and maintaining trust. Being able to talk and reason things out is much easier when a relationship is built on such a foundation, so above all things we would like to earn and keep your trust.

Your advisor should never be overwhelming you with jargon. You should never feel like having a conversation with him/her is like pulling teeth. You should be able to easily and effectively talk it out and ask any questions that pop into your head. You should understand the plan that you’re on and the ups and downs that come with it. This is what should be the norm and if it’s not please come have a conversation with us.